About Us

About Twisted Tree

Twisted Tree came about as an idea of creating “coffee with a purpose”. The tree itself is a piece of art that illustrates the forces of mother nature imprinting a story by weaving a design throughout  these trees.  And no matter how much the environment impacts them, they stand strong and majestic. In other words… Resilient!!

A twisted tree has endured the elements. It has withstood mother natures forces. Twisted trees are a metaphor for our lifes journey. What is your Twisted Tree story? We will select and award a 12 oz bag of coffee monthly to a story or picture….so do share;)

About Me

I started as a home roaster who had the bug to production roast for over 30 years. I live the Truckee lifestyle and depend on a great cup of coffee every morning to set the stage for the day, whether it be Nordic skiing, Backcountry skiing, biking, or hiking. I live here and play here every day. It’s the balance required to sustain a happy life. As I began roasting on a larger scale over 3 years ago, I felt a purpose to pursue involvement in a coffee culture that could help others. After years of searching, I have now developed relationships with well-structured women farming programs. It has touched me to my core and I realized how important this mission was and the difference I can make to impact these farmers well-being and success. I take great pride in caring for the beans once I receive them knowing what a long journeys it been to get to the hands of the roaster.

Single Origin Coffees

Medium and dark roasted blends to profile the charateristics of each countries unique flavors